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Buea, Cameroon

In November 2016, a peaceful protest broke out in the English speaking regions of Cameroon due to long term marginalization and inequality. Lawyers took to the streets, the government responded by sending troops to disperse the angry mob. Later on some were arrested while others were killed, this lead to the formation of the restoration forces and freedom freighters. By 2017, the government declared war on the which has led to many deaths and displaced. Read more…

More than 6,000 lives lost

Losses have been seen on the military side, freedom fighters and innocent civilians, the number keeps rising since the freedom fighters have started using IED’s, RPG’s, automatic machines guns compared to the den guns they used before.

At least 1,000,000 persons displaced!

These attacks are the latest escalation in the the beginning of the conflict between government security forces and armed separatists which has displaced more than 700,000 civilians and forced another 63,800 across the border to Nigeria.

About 3,400 children are not schooling

Schools in the affected have been barned, children have no access to school, teenage pregnancy has been so rampant, the rise or child solders have also been dramatic. Also every Monday has been declared a ghost town day anyone goes out.



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