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Buea, Cameroon
CHFs achievements have been realized almost entirely through the hard work and dedication of our team of volunteers. We deeply appreciate their steadfast commitment to Charity Hope Foundation mission, and especially the generosity of our donors and sponsors, which have made these achievements possible.
Here are some of our achievements so far:
1500 Student getting one to one sponsorship support
1114 Children got preprimary education through preschool up to 2018.
1442 Children received Primary School Certificate (PSC) (class five)
731 Children received primary school education (class 6)
272 Children received Secondary School Certificate ordinary Level
92 Sun Children are getting support for Higher School Certificate Advanced level Certificate 
27 Schools under sponsorship support
10726 students in supported schools are getting support through- computer training, library, and inter school competition.
1292 Families have received income-generating activity support
787 Youth volunteers have been trained
351 Adolescent girls have been trained
Vision Support:
70,900+ eye screenings conducted
6,100+ eye surgeries performed
14,900+ eyeglasses provided