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Buea, Cameroon

Frequently Asked Questions

CharityHopeFoundation is non profit organization that is aimed at helping and supporting the victims of Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon.

CharityHopeFoundation accepts online donations by credit card bank deposits and cryptocurrency on all of our donation pages. Thanks to donors like you, we can make a difference for children's lives. Please visit to make a donation today for your cause of choice. 

CharityHopeFoundation does not get any direct funding from the UN or any other organization- which means 100% of our money comes from donations.

Everything we do is funded by people like you, making voluntary contributions to ensure that CharityHopeFoundation can continue its efforts to save, help, and support the victims.  For detailed information on our work and funding, you can see our latest Annual Report.

Our organization acknowledges that there has been an increase in websites and emails imitating CharityHopeFoundation.

Offers of employment or job openings with requests for payment of fees are fraudulent. The scammers' request for the payment of fees may come only after you have accepted the fraudulent offer. CharityHopeFoundation does not charge an application fee or any other fee at any stage of the recruitment process. Any requests for such payment or information should be refused. If you have already sent money, then you should report this to your local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.

CharityHopeFoundation adheres to Internet industry standards and best practices when it comes to ensuring your online giving is safe and secure. Unfortunately, online fraud and scams have become more frequent.

If you suspect someone has contacted you fraudulently representing UNICEF, please be aware of the following:

  • CharityHopeFoundation never solicits funds to be sent via Western Union.
  • CharityHopeFoundation never strands its employees overseas, and never expects them to pay their own transportation expenses.
  • CharityHopeFoundation never fails to respond to the needs of an employee who is sick or injured.
  • CharityHopeFoundation never pays for employee vacations, and does not handle travel arrangements via third party payments.
  • CharityHopeFoundation never solicits representatives to accept donations with the promise of a commission.
  • CharityHopeFoundation never solicits individuals to forward donated merchandise overseas.
  • CharityHopeFoundation never participates in lottery awards.

For more information, we suggest the following website: · Avoid Fraud: How to Protect Yourself"

CharityHopeFoundation was created on March 2017 in Chef street, Bomaka, Buea Cameroon in Africa.

We ensure that all donations made to our charity organizations are channeled to the cause because we were  once victims and we know how painful it is!

No, unfortunately we accept only the US Dollars, this is because we want unified monetary system for collection.