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Buea, Cameroon

Our Mission

We are a non profit organization in ground zero that is aimed at helping and supporting the victims of Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon. We are main focused on helping the internally displaced persons to help them get accommodation, feeding work or education. Our mission is to change their life and make them smile again.

Shelter For Internally Displaced Persons

We rent low cost houses or  cheap houses located in green zones(areas not affected by the crisis)and assist them with what we have for them to have access to food health and safety

Source of livelywood Assistance

Help those with talent have workshop to employ thier own and make ends meet. Also dong job placements for those who are capable in the green zones(areas not affected by the crisis)

Education For Displaced Children

Children are the leaders of tomorrow, there can’t be a better tomorrow if our kids don’t go to school, that is our primary concern and we assist the max.

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